How to create your own luck?


To create your own luck, Brad Barrett emphasizes adopting certain behaviors and mindsets that enhance one's probability of encountering and seizing opportunities. Here are some key points he discusses:

  1. Preparation Meets Opportunity: Luck is not just about random chance, but rather the intersection of preparation and opportunity. This involves being ready and able to take action when chances arise 1.

  2. Increase Your Zone of Awareness: Actively seek to expand your knowledge and skills. This readiness can position you to leverage opportunities that others might miss 2.

  3. Cultivating a Positive Mindset and Network: Establishing a strong, supportive network and maintaining a positive attitude can lead to better results and smoother paths in one's efforts, thus 'creating' luck 3.

    Creating Your Own Luck

    Brad and Scott discuss the intersection of luck, preparation, and opportunities. They emphasize the importance of being prepared to take advantage of opportunities that come your way in life. Scott's book, Set for Life, provides achievable goals that can help you achieve financial independence.


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  4. Being Proactive and Engaging with Others: Simple interactions and engagements, like starting a conversation with a smile, can lead to unexpectedly positive outcomes—a concept Barrett refers to as "creating your own luck" 4.

Brad Barrett sees luck as something you can actively influence by how you prepare for and respond to the opportunities life presents.