Creator Coins


Creator Coins, also known as social tokens, are a novel concept discussed on the My First Million podcast with significant potential in democratizing social media and enabling new monetization models for creators.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose and Use Cases:

    • Creator coins allow individuals on social networks to have their own coins, facilitating new ways to monetize and interact with fans. These coins can provide dividends to holders through mechanisms like NFTs sales, and promoted posts 1.
    • The coins can democratize the ownership of a social media platform by allowing fans to invest in creators and share in their financial success. This aims to create an ecosystem where smaller creators can get discovered and invested in more easily 2.
  2. Investment Strategies:

    • Investing in creator coins can involve buying undervalued individuals, betting on high-value individuals, or investing in active and posting creators. Strategies also include buying NFTs linked to royalties, which go back to the creator coins, creating real cash flows 3 4.

      Creator Coins

      Nader explains the concept of creator coins and how they can be used to monetize social media. Diesel blockchain supports all kinds of money stuff, not just coins, but also Nfts and diamonds. Creator coins, also known as social tokens, are the next wave. They can be used to monetize social media and provide a cash flow story. Every time an Nft resells, a percentage of that sale goes back to the coin holders.

      My First Million

      The Next Big Social Media Network Will Be On the Blockchain. Nader Al-Naji Tells Us Why.
    • Creator coins tie directly to a creator's reputation and popularity, with potential investors being able to make speculative bets on a person's future success or failure 3.
  3. Platforms and Security:

    • Platforms like Bitclout facilitate the trade and speculation on creator coins, aiming to decentralize social media and provide new revenue streams for creators. These platforms are structured to include real money transactions and open-source codebases, aiming to ensure fair and transparent dealings 3 2.
  4. Real-World Impact:

    • Real-life examples include the ability for creators to offer privileges to their top coin holders, such as exclusive meetings or premium content. This unique mechanic allows both creators and fans to benefit financially and build stronger connections 5.
    • The potential for significant returns through creator coins tied to NFTs has been highlighted, with examples of creators making substantial earnings through these new digital assets 1.

Creator coins introduce a transformative way for creators to monetize their influence and for fans to gain financially from their support and recognition of talent.