What is the coolness of scuba diving?


The "coolness" of scuba diving can be derived from the thrilling and transformative experiences it offers, as described by people on Tim Ferriss' podcast. Here are a couple of notable mentions:

  1. Adventurous Encounters: Andrew Huberman shared an exhilarating experience of scuba diving where he decided to cage exit with great white sharks. This not only provided an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures but also the challenge and adrenaline of being outside the cage added to the thrill of the dive 1.

  2. Transformative Experience: On another occasion, M. Sanjayan discussed how free diving, a form of scuba diving that relies on holding one's breath, transformed his perception of what the human body is capable of achieving. This type of diving changes how you perceive your physical boundaries and introduces a surprising element about your abilities 2.

These instances reflect the "coolness" of scuba diving, combining the exhilaration of close encounters with marine life and the profound self-awareness and transformative experiences that such activities can foster.

Thrilling Great White Encounter

Andrew Huberman shares his exhilarating experience of cage diving with great white sharks, including the decision to cage exit and the awe-inspiring encounters with these majestic creatures.

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