Study Methodology


In the study of growth mindset and its impact on performance, discussed a specific experiment known as the Trier Social Stress Test. This test is used to measure physiological and psychological reactions to stress by having subjects prepare and deliver a speech in front of an audience and perform a challenging arithmetic test under observation. The test measures various responses like heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

During this study, participants were educated about the concept of growth mindset, contrasting it with a fixed mindset and the idea that stress could enhance performance. The results demonstrated that merely learning about growth mindset allowed individuals to adjust their physiological and psychological responses to stress. They began viewing stressful situations as opportunities for growth, enhancing their performance and ability to cope with stress. This shift wasn't prompted by any physical interventions but simply through informational learning about mindset theories 1.

Unlocking Growth Mindset

Discover how learning about growth mindset and stress-enhancing fixed mindset can shift physiology and psychology, allowing individuals to embrace stress as an opportunity for challenge and improve performance.

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