Finding a cure


Adam Strauss, a guest on the , discusses his personal journey using psychedelics as a potential cure for clinical depression. Initially trying mushrooms and later delving into other substances like San Pedro cacti and research chemicals, Strauss highlights the difficulties in finding and utilizing these substances effectively. He mentions his realization that the serotonergic nature of these cacti conflicted with his SSRI medication. Strauss concludes that in his quest for a cure, the most significant insight was the need to surrender control during the psychedelic experience for effective healing, rather than aggressively seeking a "silver bullet." His story emphasizes the personal and intricate nature of finding cures through unconventional methods 1.

Psychedelic Healing Journey

Adam shares his journey of seeking relief from clinical depression through mushrooms and cacti, and how he discovered the impact of SSRIs on his psychedelic experiences. He explores the importance of surrender and letting go in the psychedelic healing process.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

AMP #79 Adam Strauss on The Mushroom Cure