What is the Cure Nutrition Sleep Bundle?


The Cure Nutrition Sleep Bundle, as described on the , is designed to support individuals seeking to optimize their sleep cycle, particularly focusing on achieving a full night of restorative sleep. This bundle combines two key products: Zen and CBN. Zen is formulated with a blend of functional mushrooms, cannabinoids, and adaptogens. The CBN product involves a lesser-known cannabinoid from the hemp plant, aimed at enhancing the REM and non-REM deep sleep stages of the sleep cycle.

The bundle's effects are described as creating a sensation akin to lying under a weighted blanket, fostering a deep and restful sleep. Users reportedly do not experience any grogginess upon waking, which is a common side effect of other sleep aids. The blend aims to use the "Entourage Effect" where the combination of cannabinoids work together to be more effective than if used separately. The exact composition detailed includes 30 milligrams of CBD and five milligrams of CBN in the raw CBN oil.

For those interested in purchasing, there are often promotions available that provide a significant discount on this bundle. 1

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