Who is involved in Sudan's conflict?


The conflict in Sudan involves several key groups:

  1. Regular Sudanese Military: This is the official army of Sudan, characterized as disciplined and trained in humanitarian law. They are a more conventional military force compared to other groups involved in the conflict.

  2. RSF (Rapid Support Forces): A paramilitary unit that lacks formal military training and discipline. They are undisciplined because their members were quickly recruited, provided uniforms, and minimally trained.

  3. Non-State Armed Groups: There are additional militias or rebel groups active in different parts of the country, notably in regions like Darfur and South Sudan. These groups further complicate the security landscape in Sudan.

  4. Wagner Group: A third-party entity involved in training the RSF, indicative of foreign involvement in training paramilitary units in Sudan.

The conflict is primarily between the RSF and the regular Sudanese military, each controlling different factions and areas, with significant civilian impact and displacement. Additionally, there are political tensions with military leaders holding dual roles in the government, adding complexity to the peace and governance process 1 2.

Sudan's Civil Conflict

Dr. Gasim Mohammed sheds light on the ongoing civil conflict in Sudan, discussing the RSF blockade, the displacement of millions, and the two factions of the military engaged in the fighting. The conversation reveals the daily struggles faced by the people living amidst gunfire and shelling, as well as the challenges the regular Sudanese military faces in combating the undisciplined RSF.

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