How does tech solve people's problems?


Technology solves problems across multiple levels, from individual inconveniences to global challenges. Here are some ways technology is being leveraged to solve these issues:

  1. Healthcare Advances: Technology in healthcare, such as vaccines for COVID-19, is a significant breakthrough in medical science that addresses immediate global health crises. This demonstrates how technology can tackle big problems efficiently and at scale 1.

  2. Education and Social Change: Platforms like the Khan Academy enhance education by providing free, accessible learning resources, thereby democratizing education and combating educational inequality. This use of technology presents a solution to societal issues like class disparity in higher education 2.

  3. Complex Systems and Governance: By using technology to build better systems for governance and problem-solving, such as digital and decentralized systems, technology offers solutions to issues like inadequate global coordination, public health, and education. These innovations enable more engaged and effective societal structures 3.

    Solving Global Problems

    Ben shares his thoughts on the pandemic and the larger issues of inequality and suffering that exist in the world. He believes that COVID-19 is one of the easier problems to solve, but there are many other issues that require attention, such as malaria and armed conflict. He suggests creating decentralized frameworks to address these problems and make a positive impact.

    Lex Fridman Podcast

    Ben Goertzel: Artificial General Intelligence | Lex Fridman Podcast #103
  4. Programming and Community: In software development, community-driven platforms like Stack Overflow show how technology facilitates problem-solving, sharing knowledge and collaborative solutions. This not only improves software development but also emphasizes the importance of community in technological spaces 4.

Each of these examples reflects a unique application of technology designed to solve specific and often, comprehensive, human problems.