Is ivermectin good?


Ivermectin has been a topic of much discussion, particularly in relation to its use in treating COVID-19. Rhonda Patrick has clarified several points regarding the effectiveness and usage of Ivermectin:

  1. Effect on Viral Clearance: There is some indication that Ivermectin could speed up viral clearance in COVID-19 patients, though the effect is not large. However, more high-quality data are needed to validate this potential benefit 1.

  2. Comparison with Vaccines: It's important to note that Ivermectin does not provide the same level of protection against COVID-19 as mRNA vaccines. Claims equating their effectiveness are inaccurate and can be misleading 2.

  3. Use of Veterinary Ivermectin: The use of veterinary forms of Ivermectin by people is highly dangerous due to dosage differences. Veterinary doses are not suitable for human use and can be hazardous 2.

  4. Need for More Research: Patrick emphasizes the need for additional studies to fully understand Ivermectin’s efficacy in various therapeutic uses beyond its established use in treating parasitic infections 1.

  5. Problems with Existing Studies: Many of the studies conducted on Ivermectin's effects have significant flaws, such as poor randomization and biases. Some studies that initially showed positive effects were later retracted due to issues like fraud 3.

    Ivermectin's Role

    Rhonda and Dr. Schwartz discuss the role of Ivermectin in treating COVID-19. While there seems to be a small positive effect, more high-quality data is needed to determine its effectiveness.

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    COVID-19 Vaccines and Ivermectin with MedCram and Dr. Roger Seheult

In summary, while there might be some potential in using Ivermectin for speeding up viral clearance, its effectiveness and safety for COVID-19 treatment can't be conclusively determined without further robust studies. It is crucial not to equate or substitute it for proven protective measures like vaccinations.