What is NCI's free course?


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) offers a variety of free courses for fitness professionals and enthusiasts through their collaboration with platforms like the Mind Pump Podcast. These courses are designed to provide comprehensive education in several areas. Here are some key offerings:

  1. Level One Certification: This course covers essential education and application techniques to help fitness coaches or individuals achieve desired results for themselves or their clients. It includes modules on Women's Health, Men's Hormone, Thyroid, and Gut Health 1.

  2. Gut Health Course: This $600 course, which covers in-depth information on gut health, is offered for free periodically. It caters to both fitness professionals and those interested in improving their personal knowledge of gut health 2 3.

    Free Fitness Courses

    Sal shares an exclusive offer from NCI for Mind Pump listeners to gain access to $5,000 worth of free courses, including their Level One certification and portions of their master class on Women's Health, Men's Hormone, Thyroid, and Gut Health. Justin also teases an upcoming project that will offer affordable guidance from the Mind Pump team and Jason.

    Mind Pump Podcast

    1579: Drop Stubborn Body Fat, What to Do When Strength Is Not Increasing, & More (Live Coaching)
  3. Business Coaching Course: This free course provides training on how to effectively capture attention online, grow a following, nurture an audience, and convert followers into high-paying clients. It is specifically tailored for fitness coaches and trainers to help build their online business presence 4.

  4. Scholarships and Comprehensive Training Programs: NCI also offers scholarships worth over $35,000, which include various Masterclasses and Level certifications in Nutrition Coaching, Mindset, Hormones, and more 5.

For those looking to access these resources, checking platforms like mindpumpfree.com or mpbusinesscoachingchallenge.com can provide more details and current offers.

These offerings are designed to be highly valuable, either as a free resource period or as part of scholarship programs, catering to different aspects of health, fitness, and business development.