What is an awkward handshake?


An awkward handshake typically refers to a situation where a handshake does not go as intended and results in discomfort or confusion. For instance, in an episode of the Mind Pump Podcast, recounts a particularly awkward handshake scenario where he had too many options (fist bump, high five, etc.) and ended up messing it up, causing him to feel embarrassed and nervous during the interaction. He describes the confusion and the failed attempts at coordinating the handshakes with multiple people in a line, leading to an overall awkward experience 1.

Another example involves , who describes an encounter where he accidentally reached out to shake hands with a person who did not have an arm. This situation left both parties feeling uncomfortable, highlighting how such social interactions can easily become awkward when unexpected or unusual circumstances arise 2.

Awkward Handshakes

Justin shares his embarrassing experience with handshakes while boarding a plane for a flight. He struggles to choose the right handshake and ends up messing it up, causing him to feel nervous and embarrassed throughout the flight.

Mind Pump Podcast

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