Research Partners


Here are individuals who are recognized as research partners in various fields:

  1. Sarah Friend: A researcher for the Summer of Protocols project, specializing in blockchain and decentralized protocols. She has appeared on the podcast Bankless.

  2. danah boyd: A partner researcher at Microsoft Research and the founder of Data & Society Research Institute. Her work focuses on the social lives of networked teens and technology's impact on society. She has appeared on the podcast On Being with Krista Tippett.

  3. Nous Research: A group of individuals who fine-tune open source large language models, including projects such as the Hermes dataset and the LLongMa model. They aim to make these models accessible to everyone and have been featured on the podcast ThursdAI.

  4. Adam Goldberg: A Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners with a background in mathematics and machine learning. His research has encompassed number theory and machine learning, and he has participated in the podcast 20VC.

  5. Martin Wattenberg: The Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University and co-founder of Google Research's People + AI Research (PAIR) initiative. His research involves data visualization and making AI accessible, featured on the podcast The Gradient.

  6. Ali Yahya: A crypto partner at a16z, with a history as a software engineer and machine learning researcher at GoogleX and Google Brain. He discusses the future of the internet and cryptonetworks on the a16z Podcast.

  7. The Relationships Professor: An analyst who discusses societal issues, biases in education, the impact of AI on relationships, and personal growth. This person appears on the podcast The Diary Of A CEO.

  8. José Maria Macedo: A founding partner at Delphi Digital, focusing on digital asset research. He has made appearances on the podcast Bankless.

Each of these experts brings a distinct set of skills and expertise to their research partnerships.