Productized Service


Productized services refer to the transformation of standard, customizable services into standardized products with predefined scopes and prices. This approach usually employs fixed pricing and delivers specific outcomes, making it simpler and often more scalable than bespoke services.

Examples and Insights on Productized Services:

  1. Standardization and Simplification:

    • A typical transition involves moving from offering bespoke services to a more streamlined, templated approach. An example provided is a freelancer who adapted his services from custom web designs to preset templates for real estate agents, allowing customers to choose a template and get a website set up for a fixed fee. This change simplifies the customer's decision-making process and streamlines the service provider's workload 1.
  2. Marketing and Scalability:

    • The appeal of productized services also lies in their marketability and scalability. For instance, once a service template is created (like website templates), it can be sold multiple times to different customers without the need to start from scratch each time. This model aligns well with the concept of "build once, sell twice," suggesting that the initial effort in creating a high-quality service product can lead to multiple sales without proportional increases in labor or costs 1.


  • Despite their benefits, productized services are not without challenges. The initial creation of a service product can be demanding and requires upfront work and investment. The transition from a custom service provider to a productized business model might involve a steep learning curve and the development of new systems and processes 1.

Overall, productized services offer a way for service providers to scale their operations more effectively by reducing variability and enhancing predictability in their offerings.

Productizing Services

Shaan explains how a niche Facebook group called Productized Services can be valuable for people who want to productize their services. He gives an example of a freelancer who changed his approach from offering custom websites to offering pre-made templates for real estate agents. Sam and Nathan also discuss the challenges of building a productized service.

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