How to have better conversations?


To improve your conversational skills, there are some key insights provided by Jordan Harbinger and his guest Celeste Headlee:

  1. Engaged Listening: Engage deeply in conversations by focusing solely on the speaker. This enhances connection, making listeners' and speakers' brainwaves synchronize, which can anticipate and align closely with each other’s thoughts during conversational exchanges 1.

  2. Balancing Speaking and Listening: Monitor the balance between speaking and listening. Catch yourself when you're about to speak and consider redirecting focus towards the other person by asking them follow-up questions or letting them continue their train of thought 2.

  3. Avoiding Overacting Listening Cues: Traditional advice like maintaining eye contact or nodding can often lead listeners to focus more on acting like they are paying attention rather than genuinely engaging. Focus instead on really listening to what is being said 3.

    Better Conversations

    Celeste shares insights from her book on how to improve communication skills, including the power of engaged listening and how neuroscience shows that brainwaves of speakers and listeners can sync up during personal storytelling.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    423: Celeste Headlee | How to Have Conversations That Matter

These steps promote a more genuine and effective conversational practice, moving away from mere performance to true engagement.