What is the FI mindset?


The FI (Financial Independence) mindset encompasses a strategic approach to life, focusing on mastering essential mental models and acquiring relevant skill sets that align with the demands of various professions. Brad Barrett discusses the philosophy of creating a 'master class to life', where individuals identify effective strategies (like the 80/20 rule) and match them with the required skills. Central to this approach is engaging with business owners across the nation to pinpoint the competencies they seek, especially those who share the FI mindset. This process of direct inquiry and tailored educational response fosters an environment where both employers and potential employees value long-term growth and financial independence 1 .

Additionally, the FI philosophy values intense scrutiny of everyday financial decisions, seeking opportunities to maximize value and minimize losses. It emphasizes treating financial decision-making as a life philosophy, where small gains in various aspects of life accumulate to significantly bolster one’s financial stability and independence 2 .

Building a Phi Mindset

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of having a phi mindset and how to build it. They suggest creating a master class to life by identifying the mental models and skill sets needed for different jobs. They also propose connecting business owners with a phi mindset to potential employees who share the same values.


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