How does hormesis affect our health?


Hormesis is a biological phenomenon where a beneficial effect results from low doses of an agent that could be harmful at higher doses. This concept applies broadly to health and well-being.

Louisa Nicola explains that hormesis involves applying stressors to the body to build resilience. This process, known as the hormetic curve, suggests that moderate stressors can optimize health by promoting adaptation. However, excessive stress can be detrimental, highlighting the need for balance 1 2.

Some practical examples of hormesis include:

  • Exercise: Initially toxic to cells but beneficial in moderate amounts due to upregulation of feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters 3.

    Prioritizing Health

    Louisa and Thomas discuss the importance of prioritizing sleep, nutrition, and exercise before implementing other health practices such as hormesis. They emphasize that supplements and accessory items should come after establishing a strong foundation of overall health.

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  • Hot and Cold Exposure: These stressors can strengthen the immune system and activate proteins that enhance resilience 4 5.

The key to benefiting from hormesis is finding the right balance of stressors to avoid overdoing it and causing harm 6.