simulated pressure


General Stanley McChrystal, during a conversation with on the , emphasized the importance of creating scenarios of simulated pressure to evaluate people's decision-making and responsibility. He shared an anecdote about Admiral Rickover, who used various high-pressure interview techniques, such as making candidates sit on an unstable chair and posing combative questions, to assess their reactions.

General McChrystal believes that scenarios of simulated pressure teach individuals a lot about themselves and enable evaluators to learn about the individuals' handling of stress. Tim Ferriss added that applying moderate pressure during conversations, like interruptions or confrontational remarks, can effectively reveal how a person manages adversity without needing to resort to extremes 1.

Navigating Risk

General Stanley shares his belief in role playing and simulated pressure as a way to assess decision-making and responsibility. Tim discusses how applying a little pressure in conversations can reveal how people handle adversity.

Tim Ferriss Show

General Stanley McChrystal — Mastering Risk: A User’s Guide | The Tim Ferriss Show