Paper Ballots


Here is a recent discussion about paper ballots:

In an episode of "The Ben Shapiro Show," titled "Why Americans Have Election Trust Issues," Ben Shapiro delves into various claims about Dominion Voting Systems. He explains the safeguards in place for paper ballots on Election Day, such as testing machines before bipartisans, verifying voter identity, and using air-gapped scanning tabulators for added security. Shapiro criticizes false claims around vote flipping and highlights the essential role of rigorous post-election audits to ensure the accuracy of votes. He emphasizes the importance of using paper ballots, noting their role in confidently verifying election integrity 1.

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Examining Dominion Systems

Ben Shapiro delves into the claims surrounding Dominion Voting Systems, debunking conspiracy theories and providing evidence of their accuracy. He highlights the importance of presenting widespread evidence in court and condemns the threats made towards individuals involved in the system.

The Ben Shapiro Show

Why Americans Have Election Trust Issues | Ep. 1148