Is the current system broken?


There are varying perceptions regarding whether the current system is broken or not:

  1. Coss Marte, a guest on the , argues that the system is not broken but rather functioning as designed, particularly in relation to the penal and labor aspects of the prison system. He describes this as a form of modern-day slavery where inmates, including people of color, are disproportionately utilized for cheap labor, which is a substantial part of the prison industry's profit mechanism 1.

  2. On the other hand, Jordan Peterson, speaking on his own podcast, emphasizes that claims stating "the system is broken" are often overly generalized and can be indicative of sloppy thinking. He points out that many parts of the system, like basic utilities and services, function effectively which contradicts the blanket statement that everything is broken. However, Peterson acknowledges significant issues within specific parts of the system, such as the U.S. criminal justice system, noting its high incarceration rates and pronounced racial disparities 2.

Both perspectives highlight systemic issues while differing in their views on the system's overall functionality. Marte perceives the system as effectively serving its intended albeit flawed purpose, whereas Peterson calls for a more nuanced critique acknowledging both functional and problematic aspects.

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