What are Vicky Robin's insights on FI?


Vicky Robin, co-author of the book "Your Money or Your Life," provides several key insights into financial independence (FI):

  1. Value of Community: She emphasizes the importance of community in achieving financial independence. Robust support systems can help mitigate the expenses related to isolation. Cultivating relationships and mutual aid within a community, both online and face-to-face, is crucial. This community support was evident when Robin had friends help her extensively during her hip surgery. She also notes that communities can foster a sense of belonging, which can replace the financial cost of social isolation 1.

  2. Community as Currency: Robin discusses the concept of "community as currency," suggesting that there are forms of wealth other than money that are vital for financial independence. She believes that mutual aid and reciprocity are key elements, helping individuals to disengage from total dependency on the economy for meeting their needs 1.

  3. Cultivating Competencies: According to Robin, developing personal competencies is part of achieving financial independence. Skills such as building things, building relationships, and maintaining a house contribute to living well with less money. This self-reliance reduces financial pressures and enhances quality of life 1.

  4. Environmental Concerns: Robin also connects financial independence with environmental sustainability. She mentions how the consumption patterns in North America are a significant driver of global environmental issues. This perspective ties financial independence to larger global challenges, suggesting that a shift in consumption habits could have positive environmental impacts 2.

These insights highlight that financial independence isn't just about managing money but also about building relationships, contributing to the community, and living sustainably.

Building Community

Vicki shares her thoughts on the importance of community in achieving financial independence. She discusses how finding the FI community was a joy and how cultivating relationships with people who claim you as their own can help eliminate expenses of isolation. Vicki also emphasizes the importance of community as a form of wealth and currency beyond money.


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