Dealing with pushy guests?


When dealing with pushy or difficult guests, Jordan Harbinger emphasizes being tactful and honest. Here are some key tips he provides:

  1. Honest Feedback: Be direct but gentle in your communication. Let the guest know if their appearance didn't go well and offer them another chance if possible. For instance, Jordan mentioned giving guests another opportunity if they were close to being good enough but ultimately not quite there. 1

  2. Respect Their Time: Acknowledge that guests are taking time to speak with you, and treat them with respect even if the result isn't usable. This approach includes understanding their sensitivity and being tactful about any criticism. 1

  3. Enforcement of Boundaries: If a guest, such as a family member at a personal event, is known to be pushy or difficult, it's essential to set clear boundaries ahead of time and be prepared to enforce them. For example, at a wedding, having a plan to manage a potentially troublesome guest like an alcoholic parent ensures that the event isn't disrupted. 2

  4. Enlist Support: In situations that might escalate, it's helpful to involve others. For weddings or personal events, asking family members or coordinators for help can prevent confrontations from overshadowing the occasion. 2

In essence, approach each situation with respect, clear communication, and preparedness to maintain a positive environment.

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