Twitter's Revenue


Twitter's revenue has been experiencing a significant decline. According to recent discussions, there has been a 40% year-over-year drop in revenue, though some assessments suggest it could be as much as 60% to 70%. This decline has led Twitter to adopt cost-cutting measures, including auctioning items from their headquarters and providing discounts on advertising services 1.

Additionally, Twitter has been exploring potential revenue sources by introducing a paid subscription service called "Twitter Blue" priced at $3 a month. This move aims to monetize their user base more effectively and could potentially contribute significantly to their total revenue if a portion of their user base opts for the premium accounts 2.

For a broader historical perspective, Twitter's revenue growth has been relatively modest over the years, marked by single-digit to low double-digit annual increases. There was a period of more robust growth around times of high public interest, such as during the Trump presidency, which led to a peak revenue of $3.7 billion in 2020. However, the growth was still considered underwhelming given Twitter's significant cultural and social influence 3.

Twitter's Revenue Woes

Kara and Scott discuss Twitter's revenue drop of 40%, speculating it might be even worse. The auction of Twitter items raises eyebrows, with the Twitter bird statue fetching $100,000, leaving Kara disappointed she didn't win it.


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