Impact of beauty culture


The impact of beauty culture is significant and multifaceted, influencing individual self-perception, societal behaviors, and consumer habits.

  1. Narrative Influence and Personal Impact: In the video "Is Beauty Culture Hurting Us?" discussed on "The Gradient" podcast, the narrative explored how beauty standards affect individuals personally and emotionally. This episode highlighted the vulnerability and narrative shift when individuals like Joss Fong, involved in the discussion, personally reflect on their experiences with beauty culture, indicating its deep personal impact 1.

  2. Cultural Differences and Constraints: "Forever35" discussed the impact of South Korean beauty culture, particularly how it contrasts with Western standards due to less diversity in Korea. The limited diversity leads to a more homogenous beauty standard, making it difficult for those who choose not to conform, as they face social and professional repercussions. Initiatives like "Escape the Corset" illustrate a fight against these rigid beauty norms, underlining the high cost of non-conformity in certain cultures 2.

  3. Systemic Challenges and Individual Struggles: The episode "Interrogating Beauty Culture with Jessica DeFino" on "Forever35" further explored how beauty standards are deeply entrenched in societal systems, like medical and dermatological practices, and the beauty industry at large. It discussed the overwhelming challenge individuals face when trying to disentangle from these norms and the importance of collective action for systemic change 3.

    Beauty Culture Impact

    Daniel reflects on the impact of beauty culture videos, highlighting the shift in the narrator's role. Joss discusses the challenge of being on camera and the importance of personal connection in storytelling.

    The Gradient

    Joss Fong: Videomaking, AI, and Science Communication
  4. Impact on Consumer Behavior and Parental Influence: Discussed on "Impact Theory," Dr. Shefali highlighted how beauty culture fosters a culture of endless consumerism, affecting individual insecurities and parenting. The societal push towards perfectionism creates a rift between individuals’ authentic selves and societal expectations, leading to significant personal distress and altered consumer behaviors 4.

These discussions show that beauty culture not only molds individual self-esteem and societal interactions but also significantly influences consumer habits and cultural norms, necessitating a critical examination of its pervasive impact.