Benefits of auto regulation?


Auto-regulation has several benefits in the context of training and workouts. It involves adjusting your training intensity and volume based on your daily performance and condition, which can make your exercise sessions more effective and safer. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Improved Recovery: Auto-regulation allows for better recovery because it adjusts the intensity and workload based on how well you can handle it on any given day. This helps in preventing overtraining and reduces the risk of injury 1.

  2. Enhanced Performance: By allowing adjustments based on how you feel and perform each day, auto-regulation can lead to improved overall performance. For example, if you feel particularly strong on a given day, you can push harder, potentially leading to greater gains 2.

  3. Individualized Training: It tailors the training program to your unique daily needs, making it highly individualized. This approach respects your body's fluctuations in energy, strength, and endurance, catering to your specific requirements on any given day 3.

    Training and Menstrual Cycle

    Layne Norton discusses how to autoregulate training sessions based on individual performance, including during the menstrual cycle. He advises women to do what feels best for them during their period and adjust intensity and volume accordingly. Absolute load also matters in programming, especially for elite powerlifters.

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  4. Flexibility and Adaptability: Auto-regulation promotes a flexible approach to training that adapts to your current physiological state. This adaptability can improve long-term adherence to a training program, as you're less likely to feel burnt out or overwhelmed 3.

  5. Optimized Load Management: By regulating the load based on actual daily performance, auto-regulation helps in applying the optimal amount of stress needed for progress, without the risk of excessive strain 2.

Overall, auto-regulation can significantly enhance the effectiveness and safety of your training regimen by aligning it more closely with your body's current capabilities and needs.