Can AI impact a company's stock?


AI can indeed impact a company's stock. Chris Naghibi explains that AI, particularly algorithmic trading, already plays a significant role in financial markets. Advanced algorithms and AI can read the market faster than any human, which can cause rapid shifts in stock prices based on news or market signals. This is especially prevalent in larger companies with high trading volumes 1.

Additionally, as AI continues to evolve, it could potentially replace some of the roles traditionally held by executives, particularly in decision-making and forecasting. This might lead to more efficient and consistent decision-making processes in areas like finance, thereby affecting company performance and stock prices 2.

AI Trading

Chris explains how AI is already being used in trading and how it can read the market faster than any human could, causing the market to move in crazy directions. He also talks about the importance of controlling the narrative of the media for larger companies and how AI can automatically impact a company's stock.

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