Track Championships

Here are some podcasts related to running and athletics, which might cover topics including track championships:

  1. The Strength Running Podcast Hosted by Jason Fitzgerald, this podcast is dedicated to helping runners improve their performance with discussions on marathon training, injury prevention, nutrition, and coaching strategies. It frequently features professional runners and coaches as guests.

  2. The Running Explified Podcast Hosted by Elisabeth Scott, this podcast unravels the complexities of running, training, and nutrition. It includes insights from coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and researchers, focusing on improving running and overall well-being.

  3. The Morning Shakeout Hosted by Mario Fraioli and Chris Douglas, this podcast explores running and related fields, discussing training, performance, and the mental aspects of the sport with various experts in the field.

These podcasts provide comprehensive views on running, potentially including discussions about track championships and related topics.