Textbook industry


Jordan Harbinger and Gabriel Mizrahi have discussed the textbook industry and highlighted several significant issues associated with it, particularly focusing on monopolistic practices, data breaches, and the exploitation of students.

  1. Monopolistic Practices: The textbook industry is dominated by a few big companies that often engage in monopolistic behavior. They utilize tactics such as requiring access codes with textbooks, which forces students to buy new books instead of cheaper used versions. This practice significantly increases costs for students who are already financially burdened by tuition fees and living expenses 1.

  2. Legal and Privacy Concerns: Textbook publishers have faced numerous lawsuits, including class-action suits, often due to their monopolistic practices and data breaches. For example, some companies have been sued for leaking the personal information of hundreds of thousands of students without proper acknowledgment or remediation. These breaches compromise the privacy and security of the affected students 2 3.

    Fighting Big Textbook

    Jordan shares insights on the textbook industry and advises listeners on how to fight back against big textbook companies through disputing charges with credit card companies.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

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  3. Consumer Recourse: There are various ways students can fight back against these predatory practices. Jordan advises disputing charges with credit card companies if students feel ripped off by a textbook provider, especially using credit cards with robust customer service like American Express. Beyond individual actions, students can also potentially join class-action lawsuits or go to the media to expose these injustices, which could lead to broader industry changes 1 2.

In summary, the conversations from The Jordan Harbinger Show underscore the need for students to be vigilant and proactive in protecting their rights and personal information when dealing with the textbook industry.