What led Brad to explore groundedness?


Brad Stulberg was motivated to explore groundedness due to both personal and professional reasons. He experienced a tough phase battling obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression, which significantly impacted his life. This personal struggle led him to recognize the importance of a solid foundational support system in life, metaphorically similar to a tree's root system. Professionally, in his coaching practice, he noticed many of his clients, despite being conventionally successful, were struggling with contentment and fulfillment. These observations from his own life and his clients' experiences drove him to develop and refine the concept of groundedness 1.

Finding Groundedness

Brad shares the personal and outward factors that led him to explore the concept of groundedness. From his own battle with OCD and depression to coaching clients struggling with fulfillment, Brad realized the importance of building a strong foundation for a fulfilling life. This chapter sets the stage for understanding the significance of groundedness in achieving success and contentment.

The Morning Shakeout

Episode 172 | Brad Stulberg