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Episode Summary: Sharing Our Best Crypto Business Ideas To Start In 2022

In this episode of , , , and delve into a variety of crypto business ideas they deem promising for the year 2022. They explore innovative concepts like crypto vending machines, Web 3 legal services for a crypto law firm, and applying blockchain technology to address common issues like security deposit scams.

The episode also touches on:

  • Quick Rich Schemes: Discussing the allure and pitfalls.
  • Will Smith’s Recent Incident: Commentary on the infamous slap involving Will Smith and Chris Rock, with varying opinions on the proper consequences.
  • Sales Techniques and Strategies: Insights from Alex Hermazzi on successful gym launch sales and crafting grand slam offers.
  • Improving Business Meetings: Proposing strategies like reading memos together to improve engagement and effectiveness in corporate settings.

There are lighter moments as well, like childhood stories from Shaan Puri, and a humorous exchange about misjudging a sibling's intentions with a butter knife during a family quarrel 1.

Overall, the episode is filled with both thoughtful business analysis and personal anecdotes, making it both educational and entertaining.

Childhood Rage

Shaan shares a childhood memory of getting mad at his older sister and grabbing a butter knife, leading to a humorous exchange. The conversation sparks memories of childhood sibling rivalries among the hosts.

My First Million

Sharing Our Best Crypto Business Ideas To Start In 2022