Is rowing better than sled for cardio?


Rowing is generally considered a superior form of cardiovascular exercise compared to sled training, especially when the objective includes improving cardiovascular fitness while maintaining or building strength. emphasized that while sleds are excellent for building leg volume and can be used for anaerobic cardiovascular exercise, they don't match the effectiveness of rowing machines in terms of overall cardiovascular conditioning. Rowing provides a full-body workout with less emphasis on the eccentric portion of movement, which can be beneficial for maintaining muscle mass while improving cardiovascular fitness 1.

Additionally, rowing may offer better carryover to activities requiring cardiovascular endurance like Spartan races or other endurance events. It is also regarded as more optimal in building or maintaining stamina while engaging in multiple recreational sports or activities 2. Thus, rowing would likely be more beneficial for someone looking to optimize their cardiovascular training while retaining strength.

Rowing vs Sled for Cardio

Justin and Sal compare the effectiveness of rowing and sled for cardio. While sleds are great for building volume for the legs, rowing is a superior form of cardio exercise.

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