What is the power of going first?


The concept of "going first" carries significant power in different contexts. Here are some insights from experts:

  1. Influence and Competitive Edge:

    • John Maxwell explains that being the first to act can capture the majority of influence and attention in a rapidly changing environment. Leaders must be proactive to avoid getting left behind by those who swiftly adapt and start implementing changes 1.
  2. Strategic Advantage in Business:

    • Mike Ghaffary discusses the importance of first mover advantage in startups. Although not a permanent edge, being first can provide a critical lead time advantage. This head start can be used to establish market presence, build network effects, or secure resources, which are vital for long-term success 2.
  3. Psychological Impact:

    • Michael McQueen and Jordan Harbinger highlight how sequence affects judgments and decisions. For example, people or ideas presented first often face harsher scrutiny but can set a precedent that influences subsequent evaluations. This phenomenon underscores the psychological impact of going first in decision-making processes 3.

      The Power of Being First

      John Maxwell discusses the importance of being the first to adapt to change in order to maintain influence and success in a rapidly evolving world. He emphasizes that leaders must be aware of the need for constant adaptation and innovation, as the game is constantly changing.

      The James Altucher Show

      437 - John Maxwell: THE Master of Personal Growth
  4. Confidence and Self-Perception:

    • Jeffrey Pfeffer points out the importance of confidence in first impressions. Coming across as confident and competent without preemptive apologies can significantly impact how others perceive and respond to you 4.

These perspectives show that going first can provide an edge through influence, strategic positioning, psychological priming, and confident self-presentation.