Benefits of Athletic Greens?


Athletic Greens, now branded as AG1, is highly recommended by for its comprehensive nutritional benefits. Here are the key benefits he mentions:

  1. Foundational Nutrition: AG1 covers all of the foundational nutritional needs, including vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. This makes it an all-in-one supplement solution 1 2.

  2. Gut Health: The probiotics in AG1 are crucial for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. This is vital as the gut microbiome interacts with various body systems such as the brain and the immune system, impacting overall health 3 4.

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  3. Brain and Mood Support: AG1 supports the brain-gut axis, which is important for metabolism, the endocrine (hormonal) system, and overall cognitive functions. This interaction helps in improving mood and cognitive ability 5.

  4. Immune and Inflammatory Support: The ingredients in AG1 help in supporting the immune system and keeping inflammation low, which is beneficial for overall health 1.

  5. Convenience: AG1 is available in travel packs making it easy to maintain nutritional support while traveling. Additionally, special offers often include extra supplies like vitamin D3/K2, which are important for hormonal and cardiovascular health 2 6.

For those interested in trying AG1, there are typically promotional offers available through the recommendations that include added bonuses like free travel packs and a year’s supply of vitamin D3/K2. These can be accessed through the designated purchase link provided in his podcast or promotional talks. Such offers enhance the value and practical utility of AG1 for new users wanting to integrate it into their health routine.