What is Noah's short story concept?


Noah Huisman shared his unique short story concept on the during the episode titled "#267: Noah Huisman – The World's Most Underrated Philosopher." In his short story, Noah walks into the basement of an abandoned bar, where the bartender, who is the personification of time itself, serves him drinks. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that the bartender is actually Time, and he encounters historical figures like Solomon, Marcus Aurelius, and Abraham Lincoln, who have been waiting for him. This narrative serves as a poignant metaphor and a guiding principle in Huisman's life, emphasizing the significance of earning a "seat at the table" alongside such eminent figures 1.

Timeless Inspiration

Noah shares his short story concept inspired by John Bellian's song "Timeless" and how it serves as a guiding light for his life.

The Danny Miranda Show

#267: Noah Huisman – The World's Most Underrated Philosopher