How did Jim Collins bet on himself?


Jim Collins made a significant bet on himself by choosing to follow a unique professional path. He questioned the necessity of being in a traditional academic setting to conduct impactful research and educate others. With his partner Joanne's support, he decided to endow his own chair and grant himself tenure as a self-employed professor. They invested everything in the research for his book Built to Last. Despite the financial risks—they were down to less than $10,000—they pursued this path because Collins wanted to explore substantial questions without the constraints typical of academic settings. This move was a significant risk but it was driven by his desire to have a lasting impact through his work 1.

Betting on Myself

Jim Collins shares his journey of betting on himself and pursuing big questions outside the traditional confines of academia, leading to the creation of his groundbreaking book, Built to Last. With less than $10,000 and a leap of faith, Jim and his partner Joanne took a Thelma and Louise-like plunge into the unknown, determined to reach the other side with unwavering commitment to quality in their work.

Tim Ferriss Show

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