How are Canadian casinos corrupt?


Corruption in Canadian casinos, particularly in British Columbia, has been significant and multifaceted. Sam Cooper revealed in an episode of "The Jordan Harbinger Show" how government casinos in British Columbia were purposefully constructed to cater to high-end "whale" gamblers involved in money laundering and drug trafficking. VIP rooms with private cash cages were built to accommodate large sums of money brought in by these gamblers, who were frequently drug trafficking suspects. This setup was openly acknowledged within certain circles, and authorities found gamblers physically struggling with huge sums of cash (1).

These corrupt practices were linked with global criminal networks and facilitated extensive money laundering. For instance, gangsters from Vancouver would launder their drug money by providing it to VIP gamblers from China. After gambling, these gamblers would repay their debts in China, effectively cleansing the money (2). The involvement of high-level organized crime was known and enabled by specific infrastructure and operational choices in the casinos designed specifically to benefit these criminal elements.

Overall, the corruption involved purpose-built facilities, collusion with known criminals, and operations that laundered billions of dollars annually through these government-sponsored venues, feeding back into international crime networks (3).

Corruption in Canadian Casinos

Sam Cooper reveals how government casinos in British Columbia were purposely built for high-end whale gamblers involved in money laundering and drug trafficking. VIP rooms were built for these specific gamblers with private cash cages to accommodate their huge amounts of cash. Cooper provides documented evidence to support his claims.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

677: Sam Cooper | How the West Was Infiltrated by Its Enemies