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In the , the hosts discuss various aspects of diet plans and why they may not be effective. They particularly critique meal plans for the lack of flexibility and the unsustainable, rigid structure they impose on daily eating habits. According to , , and , meal plans can cause a cycle of strict adherence interrupted by periods of "shitty eating," which does not support long-term healthy eating habits. They believe that these cycles can discourage people from maintaining healthy eating habits, particularly because they feel forced to follow a rigid diet that doesn't fit their lifestyle 1.

Furthermore, they discuss alternatives to meal plans, suggesting instead to focus on adding beneficial foods (such as increasing vegetable intake) instead of strictly cutting out perceived "bad foods." They argue that by making small, manageable adjustments to one's diet, it becomes easier to sustain healthier eating habits without feeling deprived or restricted 2.

In discussing different dieting strategies, the hosts mention the negative impact of attempting to pursue a "perfect" diet, which can be misleading and unattainable, creating frustration and a potential reversal to unhealthy eating habits 3.

Why Meal Plans Suck

Adam and Sal discuss why meal plans can be detrimental to people's long-term health goals. They explain how meal plans can lead to a cycle of strict eating and unhealthy binging, causing people to become discouraged and give up on healthy eating altogether. They emphasize the importance of reaching out to those who have been discouraged by fitness and promoting sustainable, healthy habits.

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#1245 | Why Diet Plans Suck