What are the dangers of communism?


The dangers of communism have been extensively discussed by various experts, highlighting multiple critical issues:

  1. Totalitarian Control: Communism often results in a totalitarian regime that controls every aspect of life. Drago Dzieran described living under a socialist regime in Poland, where the government destroyed businesses and killed those who opposed the Communist Party. The system was so controlling that kids were taught to be disingenuous for safety, leading to an environment of fear and suppression 1 2.

  2. Economic Distortion: Communism's control extends to the economy, leading to severe inefficiencies and impoverishments. Yaron Brook emphasized that communism is anti-reality and anti-individual, which inherently leads to poor outcomes. Economic distortions under communist regimes often stem from the flawed idea of central planning and control, as showcased in historical events like the Soviet Union's inefficiencies 3.

    Oppression Under Socialism

    Drago shares the harsh reality of living under a socialist regime in Poland, where businesses were destroyed and people were killed for opposing the Communist Party. He warns about the dangers of falling into a similar system in America and highlights the control the government had over private property and businesses.

    Jocko Podcast

    Jocko Podcast 391: From Political Prisoner to U.S. Navy Seal. Drago Dzieran. The Pledge To America
  3. Lack of Freedoms: Under communism, there is a stark absence of civil liberties. Eugene Kuyda recounted the oppressive environment in the Soviet Union, where there was no true rule of law, constant surveillance, and severe restrictions on movement and economic freedom. This system led to a populace that lived in fear and was unable to achieve any significant personal or economic growth 4.

  4. Propaganda and Misinformation: Communist regimes often employ powerful propaganda tools to maintain control and manipulate public perception. This can lead to a distorted understanding of reality, where the actual conditions and freedoms of people are much worse than portrayed by the state 5.

  5. Historical Failures and Atrocities: The implementation of communist policies has frequently led to large-scale atrocities, including famine and forced labor. Jung Chang discussed the harsh life in communist communes during China's Cultural Revolution, where peasants lived like chattel under extreme duress and control 6.

These testimonies and analyses underline the potentially grave consequences of adopting communist principles, ranging from loss of individual freedoms to economic collapse and widespread state-induced suffering.