What are some budget-friendly staples?


Here are some budget-friendly staples recommended by experts:

  1. Protein Options:

    • Ground Beef: Valuable for its cost and versatility.
    • Chicken Thighs: Cheaper than breast and more flavorful.
    • Tuna: Canned tuna offers high protein at a low cost.
    • Eggs: Extremely versatile and affordable.
    • Cottage Cheese: Good source of protein and inexpensive 1.
  2. General Grocery Items:

    • Rice and Beans: Both are very affordable and staple carbohydrates.
    • Frozen Vegetables: Less expensive compared to fresh ones, still nutritious.
    • Pasta and Tomato Sauce: Easy and cheap for making various dishes.
    • Potatoes and Onions: Widely used, filling, and low in cost.
    • Bulk Foods: Buying in bulk can significantly cut costs, especially for meats and dry goods like oats and beans 2 3.

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  3. Tips for Budgeting:

    • Look for Sales: Regularly visiting the butcher or grocery sales can provide good deals on meats.
    • Choose Fewer Ingredients: Simplify meals to just a few essential ingredients to reduce costs.
    • Meal Planning: Planning meals around what you already have and what's on sale can reduce costs and food waste 4.

These staples and tips can help maintain a balanced diet without breaking the budget.