How will the hosts help Tallis?


The hosts, Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa, are helping Tallis in several ways as she seeks to expand her dance class business for people with Parkinson's:

  1. Coaching Opportunity: Guests like Alan from Pop Up Business School have offered one-on-one coaching to help her franchise her dance classes, allowing her to reach more people and possibly expand her operations beyond her current capabilities 1.

  2. Encouragement and Validation: The hosts express enthusiasm and support for Tallis's ideas, which boosts her confidence and visibility within the ChooseFI community. This kind of support is crucial for entrepreneurial success 2.

  3. Practical Challenges: They challenge her to reach out to a specific number of businesses within a timeframe, helping her build momentum and potentially set up more classes 3.

    Parkinson's Dance Franchise

    Talis shares her personal experience with Parkinson's disease and her desire to franchise her dance classes to help more people. She hopes to receive coaching from Alan to help her achieve this goal.


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  4. Ongoing Support: Brad offers ongoing support by encouraging her to contact him for any help needed during her calls to businesses, which shows a commitment to her success beyond just the podcast episodes 3.

  5. Visibility and Networking: The podcast provides a platform for Tallis to share her story and business, which increases her network reach and could attract more opportunities or collaborators 2.

Through these various forms of support, the hosts of ChooseFI are actively helping Tallis achieve her goal of helping people with Parkinson's through dance.