Does stress affect fat burning?


Yes, stress does affect fat burning. According to the , stress impacts the body's ability to burn fat and build muscle. When stressed, the body may prioritize survival mechanisms such as storing fat. This is due to the body perceiving stress as a signal to conserve energy, anticipating potential scarcity or threats, making it more efficient at storing fat rather than burning it. This survival response is linked to increased cortisol levels, a hormone that can promote fat storage and reduce muscle building, particularly if the stress is chronic 1.

Additionally, managing stress effectively can improve your body's metabolic functions. Effective stress management, including prioritizing sleep and recovery, can help shift the body from a state of conserving energy to one that is more efficient at burning fat 2.

Chronic Stress and Fitness

Sal, Adam, and Doug discuss the impact of chronic stress on achieving fitness goals. Chronic stress can increase inflammation, cause hormone imbalances, and lower testosterone, which can all negatively affect results. When the body is under stress, it prioritizes survival and protection, making it harder to build muscle and burn fat.

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