Career moves


Brad Barrett sheds light on various aspects of making career moves through multiple discussions in the ChooseFI podcast.

  1. Career Hacking: Brad emphasizes the importance of optimizing your career to achieve Financial Independence (FI) faster. He showcases examples like that of ESI Money, who shares insights on how to make effective career advancements and decisions, ultimately helping individuals reach their financial goals quicker 1.

  2. Career Flexibility: Brad and his co-host Jonathan Mendosa talk about the importance of career flexibility. They highlight the potential of shifting to jobs with remote flexibility and better pay, urging listeners to not feel trapped in inflexible roles. They stress that even starting from scratch, one can achieve significant career success in a relatively short time 2.

  3. Making Life Changes: Brad shares an inspiring listener story about embracing changes and the courage to reinvent oneself. By taking control and making significant career and life changes, individuals can experience higher satisfaction. The advice encourages people to be open to new opportunities and not hesitate to make bold moves 3.

    Career Hacking

    Brad shares how ESI Money's article about early retirement surprised him and went viral. ESI will be a guest on the show to talk about career hacking and how optimizing your career can help you reach your FI goals faster.


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  4. Prioritizing Life Goals: Aligning career priorities with personal life goals is crucial. Brad discusses how congruency between career and life goals can lead to greater happiness and success. It's essential to have conversations about these priorities, especially within relationships, to ensure mutual support and alignment on fundamental topics 4.

These clips from the ChooseFI podcast illustrate the various dimensions of making career moves, focusing on optimization, flexibility, and alignment with personal values and goals.