What is the definition of conflict?


Conflict can be defined in various ways depending on the context:

  1. Jayson Gaddis defines conflict as a rupture, disconnection, or unresolved issue between people, suggesting that any interaction not completely harmonious can be considered a conflict 1.

  2. Amanda Ripley describes conflict as a clash between individuals over issues like scarce resources, beliefs, or hurt feelings. This type of conflict often results in palpable tension 2.

  3. Dr. Julie Gottman defines conflict as a situation where individuals attempt to solve a problem with differing viewpoints 3.

    Resolving Conflict

    Jayson Gaddis defines conflict as a rupture or unresolved issue between two people, even the smallest things can cause conflict. In this episode, he shares tools and techniques to help resolve conflicts and get back to a good place again.

    The Mark Groves Podcast

    #179: Embracing Conflict with Jayson Gaddis
  4. Charlie Jane Anders highlights that conflict is not limited to overt disagreements, but can include subtle differences in opinion between individuals who generally respect each other 4.

These definitions collectively show that conflict involves a catalyst that disrupts harmony or agreement, ranging from overt clashes to minor disagreements.