entertainment arena

Here are some impactful podcasts in the entertainment arena:

1. SmartLess

  • Hosts: Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett
  • Description: "SmartLess" combines comedy with behind-the-scenes conversations with prominent figures in entertainment, sports, politics, and more. The hosts bring a dynamic and humorous perspective, making it both entertaining and insightful.

2. The Ellen Fisher Podcast

  • Host: Ellen Fisher
  • Description: This podcast is hosted by Ellen Fisher, who is not as widely known as the other hosts listed here, but it adds a unique perspective to the entertainment discourse.

3. Tetragrammaton

  • Host: Rick Rubin
  • Description: Hosted by legendary music producer Rick Rubin, this podcast delves into creativity, music, and culture with interviews from diverse icons across various fields.

4. Acquired

  • Hosts: Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal
  • Description: "Acquired" explores the stories behind successful companies and leaders in the business and tech sectors, often including elements related to entertainment, such as interviews with CEOs from entertainment-heavy tech companies.

5. The Next Great Thing

  • Host: Andrew Greenstein
  • Description: While not providing a detailed description, this podcast could potentially involve discussions around innovative technologies in the entertainment industry, given the implication of the title.

These podcasts cover a broad spectrum of topics related to entertainment, from in-depth business discussions to cultural explorations and comedic insights.