What is time restricted eating?


Time-restricted eating involves confining your daily eating to a specific time window, typically ranging from 8 to 12 hours. This approach aligns with the body's circadian rhythms, potentially offering health benefits such as protection against obesity and metabolic diseases. In time-restricted eating, each day's eating period begins with the first intake of anything other than water, because even non-caloric substances like caffeine can reset peripheral clocks that regulate metabolism, impacting processes like insulin production and fat metabolism. This eating strategy can also lead to improvements like better blood glucose control and reduced inflammation 1 2 3.

Time Restricted Eating

Rhonda explains the benefits of time restricted eating and how it aligns with our circadian rhythm. By constraining our eating within a certain time window, we can protect ourselves from obesity, metabolic related diseases, and even reduce the risk of breast cancer. The timing of food intake regulates circadian rhythm in peripheral tissues and influences metabolism.

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