How does AMP influence Core Web Vitals?


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has significantly influenced the development and focus on Core Web Vitals by highlighting the importance of certain web performance metrics. pointed out that AMP's focus on fast loading times and stable layouts led to the realization of the importance of metrics like Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). This realization helped shift the broader web development community towards optimizing these crucial performance factors.

AMP made it clear that achieving stable layouts was essential for offering a speedy web experience. The lessons learned from AMP about constraining layouts to reduce shifts during page loads were instrumental in developing the CLS aspect of Core Web Vitals. This shows AMP's role in helping the web community focus on stability alongside speed, which are now key metrics observed in Google's ranking algorithms. Essentially, if a site performs well on these Core Web Vitals, it's recognized as offering a faster, smoother user experience, which can influence its search engine ranking significantly 1.

Web Vitals and AMP

Guillermo Rauch discusses the importance of web performance and how AMP influenced the development of Core Web Vitals. He explains the concept of first input delay and the impact of loading JavaScript on user experience. Rauch also highlights the significance of stable layouts and how meeting the Core Web Vitals can improve website ranking.

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