Letting go of perfection


Letting go of perfection is a recognized approach to mitigating the paralyzing effects of perfectionism. Here are some insights provided by experts on this topic:

  1. Derek Hough explains that perfectionism is paralyzing and not based in reality. He emphasizes that true perfection lies in preparation and the actual experience of performing, rather than achieving an unattainable standard of perfection. His time on "Dancing with the Stars" taught him to embrace imperfections and find joy in the journey, especially when performing with non-professionals [1].

  2. Zelana Montminy, a positive psychologist, advises that to let go of perfection, one must accept that skills and situations are always changing and nothing is really fixed. She suggests reframing one's mindset to understand that "good is good enough" and integrating mindfulness practices, like quiet car rides, as a form of meditation to cope with perfectionism [2].

  3. Caroline Leaf offers a neuroscientific perspective on perfectionism, detailing how it counters our natural identity growth and can stem from needing acceptance or approval from others. She highlights the importance of embracing one's evolving identity and suggests regular self-assessments to ensure personal growth isn’t hindered by perfectionism [3].

    Letting Go of Perfection

    Derek Hough shares his journey of overcoming perfectionism and the paralyzing effects it had on him. He emphasizes that perfection doesn't exist and that the true perfection lies in the experience, preparation, and giving it your all. Dancing with the Stars played a significant role in teaching him to let go of perfection and embrace the joy of dancing with someone who wasn't a professional.

    The School of Greatness

    The SECRET To Manifesting & Achieving YOUR DREAMS! | Derek Hough & Lewis Howes
  4. Jenn Brown, in a discussion with Lisa Bilyeu, shares her personal struggles with perfectionism, particularly how it can prevent starting new projects or tasks. They concluded that acknowledging and embracing mistakes is crucial, as perfectionism could otherwise halt progress [4].

These insights underscore the importance of moving away from a perfectionist mindset towards one that values effort, learning from the process, and accepting imperfections as part of personal growth.