Dedication Pages


Dedication pages in books are often overlooked opportunities to make a significant impact on readers. , a successful author, discussed the importance of using dedication pages creatively to catch readers' attention and set the tone for the book. He noted that roughly 85% of readers pay attention to dedication pages, yet most authors waste this prime real estate with generic notes. Chilton emphasized that engaging, humorous, or personal dedications can hook readers right from the start, encouraging them to dive deeper into the book. One standout example he shared was a dedication "to my two fabulous wives. I pray you never meet," which immediately piques interest and sets a humorous tone 1.

Fresh Eyes

Discover the power of looking at things with a fresh perspective as David Chilton shares how a simple dedication page can make a huge impact on readers. Learn why it's important to add personality and creativity to engage your audience and change the way they think.

Invest Like the Best

David Chilton - The Human Blitzkrieg - [Invest Like the Best, EP.39]