Frozen Lake


A clip from the podcast discusses a vivid example of indigenous knowledge surpassing mainstream scientific understanding. In this scenario, Dr. Annette Lee describes an Ojibwe elder's awareness of how the moon's high path across the sky shortens shadows when snowshoeing across a frozen lake in the middle of winter, a concept barely touched upon in conventional astronomical education 1.

In another clip from the podcast , Jesse Itzler recounts a harrowing experience of taking an ice bath in a frozen lake during a blizzard, highlighting a test of endurance and trust in his trainer's expertise 2.

These examples showcase the diverse discussions and experiences related to frozen lakes that experts have shared across different podcasts.

Indigenous Astronomical Knowledge

Annette shares how indigenous knowledge of the moon's path and height in relation to the sun surpasses mainstream teachings. Paying attention to nature reveals insights often overlooked in traditional education.

StarTalk Radio

Native Skywatchers with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Annette Lee – Cosmic Queries