Summer trips


Ideas for Summer Trips


On the , suggests planning a staycation to make the most of the remaining summer days. She recommends creating a fun and romantic environment at home, using items like vibrators, massage oils, and other essentials from her "staycation sex box" to enhance the experience 1.

Financially-Savvy Travel

The podcast offers insights into taking budget-friendly trips using travel rewards points. shares his experiences of planning extensive trips to Europe and South America, emphasizing the savings achieved by using points. For example, he booked flights to the UK and saved over $4,000 using Chase Ultimate Rewards points, making international travel more accessible and affordable 2.

Slow Travel

On a different episode, discusses the advantages of "slow travel," where the focus is more on activities and experiences rather than rushing through destinations. His family planned a driving trip through New York State, visiting scenic spots like Niagara Falls and stopping at a lake house, which allowed them to enjoy a more relaxed pace and engage in unique experiences 3.

Summer Staycation Ideas

Emily shares tips for planning a staycation with your partner, including using a staycation sex box with essentials like vibrators and massage oil. She discusses the importance of making the most of the remaining summer days and exploring new experiences together.

Sex With Emily

Staycations & Sex Talks

These ideas offer a range of options from intimate staycations to budget-friendly international travels and leisurely road trips, catering to different preferences and situations.