How to deal with online hate?


Here are a few strategies discussed by various guests on My First Million about dealing with online hate and negativity:

  1. Ignore the Negativity: Brendan Schaub emphasized the importance of not paying attention to the negativity or even the positivity online. He believes that focusing on likability and not giving energy to haters is essential for mental well-being and continued success in creative and business endeavors 1.

  2. Filter and Use Constructively: While Shaan Puri and Sam Parr joked about a concept called "haters as a service" to compile and filter out toxic comments to motivate individuals, the underlying idea is to find a way to turn negativity into something that can fuel your drive and not let it bring you down 2.

  3. Mental Health Support: Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa shared that having a therapist and other positive outlets, like horse riding, can help manage the mental strain that comes with receiving a high volume of hate comments online. Ensuring mental health support is crucial for overcoming online negativity 3.

    Dealing with Online Hate

    Brendan Schaub discusses his approach to dealing with online hate and negativity, emphasizing the importance of not paying attention to it and focusing on likability to build a fanbase. He also acknowledges that some hate can be valid and that there is a difference between hate and evil.

    My First Million

    Brendan Schaub: From UFC Fighter To Selling Out Comedy Shows (#442)
  4. Focus on Your Audience: Brendan Schaub also mentioned that those who support and engage with your content, buy your products, or attend your shows are your real audience. Focusing on the supporters rather than the haters can help maintain a positive outlook on your work 1.

  5. Developing Immunity: Shaan Puri discussed the concept of developing immunity against cancel culture by not engaging with the mob mentality and instead focusing on building resilience and support systems to protect oneself from being overwhelmed by collective online negativity 4.

By adopting these strategies, you can better manage and mitigate the impact of online hate.